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Recent Writing

Here’s some of my online written work for your perusal.

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The Deafening Drum
An Original Poem

It’s OK To Be Sad
Investigate, Explore and Experience Your Feelings.

The Babying of Donald Trump
It Takes a Global Village to Raise a Trump Presidency

Happiness: One Size Fits All
How To Stop and Smell Those Unfamiliar Roses

North Korea (& Kinda China) vs. Trump vs. Reality
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And… Nope, That’s It.

Developing The Person You Want To Be
Emancipate yourself from co-dependence.

Go To the River
An Original Poem

The Thing About Other People’s Beliefs Is…
Tolerance and Compassion in the Face of Disagreement

How to Be Yourself When Everyone Else Wants You to be Like Them
Freeing yourself from the shackles of expectation

The Lost Cause of the Keyboard Crusader
Compassion for those on the wayward road of fanaticism and the exit route back to equilibrium